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ZTE Wins Global Mobile Award for Pre5G Massive MIMO at MWC 2016

23 Febrero 2016

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today won the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award and Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology-The CTO’s Choice 2016 for its Pre5G Massive MIMO technology at the Global Mobile Awards 2016. Mobile World Congress 2016, hosted by the GSM Association (GSMA), is the world's most influential gathering in the mobile communications industry, and the GSMA's Global Mobile Awards represent the highest honor.

ZTE Wins Global Mobile Award for Pre5G Massive MIMO at MWC 2016 - Photo: Business Wire

ZTE Wins Global Mobile Award for Pre5G Massive MIMO at MWC 2016 - Photo: Business Wire

As the world has ushered in the mobile Internet era, existing networks are faced with the conflict between capacity demand surges and insufficient site resources. In this context, ZTE makes innovative use of Massive MIMO technology to enhance wireless spectrum efficiency and boost network capacity. In a commercial network, the average single-carrier peak rate of Pre5G Massive MIMO exceeds 400 Mbps, increasing spectral efficiency by four to six times as compared with that of existing 4G networks.

Pre5G Massive MIMO uses beamforming technology to expand from 2D to 3D coverage, and implements intensive and extensive seamless coverage. The technology is flexible and can adapt to high-rise buildings, hotspot macro coverage, stadium coverage, and last-mile scenarios, dramatically enhancing overall network quality.

This award further recognizes ZTE's innovative technologies and the potential of Pre5G Massive MIMO technology. As a core commercially available Pre5G technology, ZTE’s offering provides 4G users with ‘5G-like’ experience on LTE devices. This technology is expected to be commercially available on a large scale in the Chinese market in 2016.

About ZTE

ZTE is a provider of advanced telecommunications systems, mobile devices, and enterprise technology solutions to consumers, carriers, companies and public sector customers. As part of ZTE’s M-ICT strategy, the company is committed to provide customers with integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value as the telecommunications and information technology sectors converge.

Listed in the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shenzhen (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), ZTE’s products and services are sold to over 500 operators in more than 160 countries. ZTE commits 10 per cent of its annual revenue to research and development and has leadership roles in international standard-setting organizations. ZTE is committed to corporate social responsibility and is a member of the UN Global Compact. For more information, please visit and view source version on


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